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I stepped further into the stream of water letting the water now flow down my xvideos video face xvideos.con through my videos x hair and then cascade down the rest of my body. Turning with my back xvideos hentai to the jet spray of water I let it beat against my skin to help relax xvidos.com the muscles of my neck and shoulders. The hiss of water was so soothing; I could have easily fallen into my xvideos xvideos own world for hours without even thinking about it. Running my fingers through my xvideos tamil hair, I gave on last turn as xvideo gay I rinsed my body and shut off the flow of water. Stepping out I reached for a towel from the shelf and used it to dry my hair and body with rough but thorough rubbing. Stepping out of the bathroom, I looked about the room for something other xvideos indo than the dirty pajama bottoms that I had woke in. On the arm of the chair that Bransen had been sitting were a set of clothes. I pulled on mom xvideos a pair of brown pants of better cloth than I was used to and tied them gay xvideos up the front much like one would do a pair of tamil xvideos shoes or boots. They left little to the imagination so I reached down and 'situated' myself as to not be quite so obscene. I pulled on the xvideos com shirt next. It was sheer and nearly transparent. x.videos Its blue color billowed xvideos 2 and flowed from the slightest wind caused by my own movement. On the floor next to the chair was a pair of slip on shoes made of xvideos in brown leather and in design much x video.com like a house slipper but with a harder sole made for walking safely outdoors. It was the best I had felt since all of this began. "I suppose I should get this over with, there is so much that must be done." I xvideos download thought to myself. Turning I moved over to the outwardly pushed door. "Thank the gods that that was the door and not Bransen." I mumbled to no one shaking my head slightly. I focused xvideoscom on the door ahead of xxxvideo me... binding my mind to each molecule increasing the speed of the protons and electrons as though I had built them myself and desi xvideos could gay xvideos control them via remote. It was little more than that though. It was xvideo gay a simple direction of energy to manipulate the environment around me, completely scientific and xvideos red as natural as a drop of sweat. Directing more energy to the process the metal began to warm xvidios intensely and become more xvideo.com malleable. xvideos.com Applying fields of energy xvideos porno behind porn xvideos the door and at all its contact points with the frame I brought the metal back toward me as it sounded a loud metallic yawn in complaint to its contortion. Returning it to its proper shape and I reduced the energy that had accelerated the electrons and protons and allowed them to revert to normal speed so that it would cool. A few moments later when I knew the metal would stay separated I released the fields keeping them apart and relaxed leaning against the end of the bed and waited for the metal to cool completely. I made my grand entrance opening the door with my mom xvideos mind and waited for Bransen xxvideo to enter. I heard them in their panic of mind outside calling him to come immediately and xvideos porn that something was happening during my manipulation of the door. Leaning forward off the bed xvideos mom and xvideos indian standing again I xvideos indonesia watched Bransen enter the room somewhat skeptically. "Happy Birthday to Me" I grinned as I watched his eyes dance from my face down the rest of my body... lingering a little longer at my crotch than he should have allowed himself. "I porn xvideos guess so!" He exclaimed as x vedios he smirked and shut the door behind him. We needed privacy and he was going to make sure that we go it. "Could you take care of the cameras like before?" He asked me. Feeling a bit confused I asked "Take care of what xxx videos cameras... ahhh of course there are cameras... what kind of freak show would I be if I weren't caught on video!" I felt somewhat exposed xvideo com and violated. "Well don't feel too bad, they never worked much beyond you kicking me out of the room." He assured me. "They turned back on while you were traipsing about in the room naked getting dressed I hear tell. "Honestly," he added, "I hear it was quite the show." He chuckled and blushed. "I'm almost sorry I missed it!" It was the second xvids time I xvideo.com had seen that happen and it was precious. It reminded me of how xvideo Vale used to blush when we xx videos had been intimate and traveled into new and xxxvideo undiscovered country while having sex. "I'm sure they have it recorded..." I chuckled.... "And you are the captain so I'm sure you have access to all video record." I said most mischievously. "Ohhhh you do like to push don't you..." he laughed. "Just call me Bransen alright?" "Yes Cap.. Err Bransen" I goaded. "So the cameras please?" again he asked. And then I understood, the energy I was releasing had interfered with the video feed. I reached out sensing each and every camera and recording device in the room and then looked to each spot in the room drawing energy into myself causing my eyes to glow. Looking back to him, "They will not function again until xvideos porno xvideos japan you say it is safe." xvideos anal I blinked at him like some strobe coming from my eyes. I know it unnerved him, but also gave him memories he wasn't allowed to love. "You are different." xvedios He stared with fascinated eyes that see such carnage you don't dare look but can't tear yourself away however morbid. "Your face, your whole body, its... older." "Yes... and this is the appearance and body I will have until the end of time." I told him. "I thought that only the Thorens lived forever." He asked xvideos com as much as he stated. "No... the Thorens are dying, but unless I am horribly wounded or incinerated, xvideos video I will recover www.xvideo and continue on. I am my father's life's work made real through love. I am the Thoren's ultimate goal, and he kept it xxxvideos a secret from them, and now that secret (me) is out, and they will come for it. They would have porno xvideos been here by now had they known my location so I feel we are safe for the moment. My diversion to the Antarctic must have been successful or this place would surely have fallen by now." I explained. I watched his eyes widen as the gravity and enormity of the situation xvideos .com gripped his mind. With my admission of this information, he now knew he had my complete trust as he xvideo com did Kelay. I could feel his terror for it, and also something else. His heart moved. He confused himself with past feelings xvideos for Kelay, and that part of me that is now Kelay. I will never be more in awe of anything than at the ability of the xvideos red human mind to shift gears so completely regardless the momentum to its destination. Bransen stood speechless staring at me. A moment passed and as I began to smile awkwardly at him bringing him back to his wits. "Perhaps we should go see the others. They're still waiting" I said. This seemed to snap him back fully. "I wish you wouldn't do that... it takes so xvideos hd much fun out of the conversation" he thought. "I'm sorry." I said www.xvideo.com before he could actually speak the words. "Quit THAT!" he exclaimed and xvideos. com started chuckling. A small giggle escaped me as I replied, "I'm sorry, it's just that you keep so much hidden xvidoes away, when a thought does come across your mind unbridled, it's like a scream into a loud speaker that echo's xvidoes about the room..." I paused, "I will make a conscious effort x videos to make sure that does not happen again. I don't want you to fear your own personal thoughts and privacy." I smiled. His mind did a couple of flip flops and he had decided.. "Thank you. I appreciate that." He smiled. "Okay then, lets go meet the crew. Go easy xvideos free on them okay?" he grinned looking over to me as I approached. "Yeah, yeah... No death xvideos porno by sex... I swear!" I made a crossing motion over my heart and we both burst into laughter. "Oh! And ratchet down those eyes." tamil xvideos He burst through chuckles, "lets not freak out everyone on our xvideoss first day out in the big city okay?" xvedios Gods it felt good to laugh again. Who ever said that 'Laughter is the best medicine' was more brilliant than the world will ever know. Bransen made my heart smile and it scared me. I followed Bransen out the door as xvideos gays eyes focused on me as we made our way to the elevator. "Thank you for your most excellent care." I said to them. "My xvideos indian apologies Doc for my behavior, you're the best." I smiled Strange how xvideos indo a few words can affect a person, but I saw his whole body relax as I said it. The man was tense... WAY too tense. The guy needed some hard core sex and soon. It's not safe to linger too xvido long when you're on the edge. I gave him a wink. Yeah... I'm a bitch... I never said I was perfect, and who's to say I wouldn't cure him of his 'dry streak'. He wasn't bad looking after all. His short cropped sunny blond hair with the perfect part, tired slate blue eyes pale skin and medium frame www.xvideos.com was kind desi xvideos of sexy. He had the body of someone who exercised because they cared, but strained in and out of life because they never xvideos.com had as much time as they wished for; to put xvideos brasil their soul's effort fully into anything. Hot... but just too damned busy to care more about one's self than others. xxxvideos Definitely... doable. A bell sounded and the doors opened. We stepped in and Bransen pressed the 10 button that would deliver us to the recreation and exercise area for the crew. xvideos 2 Okay... I'm new... I know them but they do not xvideos download know me... I have to go easy on them... SHIT! Fuck it I thought... we'll do this my way.. Each will get the proof they need and learn who I am to them. There is no way to do this all at once. Or is there... www.xvideos com wait... I had an evil thought cross my mind. I know exactly what I'll do. The bell rang and we had reached level ten. The doors opened and we xxxvideo exited with xvidos.com Bransen leading the way to the large sparring area. It was a simple open space with nothing but mats on the floor to break our falls for a good 50 foot square. We passed the dining area as eyes pressed against me. We entered the area as Sweed and Mike were sparring, exchanging combinations of kicks and punches. xx videos "So this is the new bad ass huh? Kind www xvideos com of puny don't you think?" Neek said to Sweed. I calmed myself and x videos.com settled myself videos x into a defensive stance as Bransen stepped back saying "Don't hurt them Khore. They don't know xvideos japan you." Neek took xvideos this comment personal and ran toward me in a blaze of attacks to my chest and legs. xvideos xvideos As he was preparing to land his first combo I stepped to the side letting him pass me, and xvideos japanese kicked him in square in the ass and sent him sailing out of the training area. xvideos brasil Sweed watched this and xvideos japanese took note. He was a mass of a man in his xvide size and stature. Nordic would xvidoes be the best way I could explain it. He was tall, he was thick, and he was solid with that blond indian xvideos short mop of hair upon his head, square jaw, and fists that more resembled hammers. He was a sight to behold. He moved more smoothly than someone should with his size. x video With a deceptive grace he advanced into a fighting pattern that telegraphed his every move. I had his thoughts... he was not going to try to trick me. He was going to try to sweep my xxvideos legs, and execute a change over to mid rift kick. I took a step back as he executed his move, grasped his ankle shifted my weight x video and used his own momentum to xvidos send him flying into the wall some 10 yards away. The xvideos red massive power of his own attack completely turned against porn xvideos him xvideo made me look stronger than I was. This seemed to get the xvideoscom attention of Raven, xvideos.con Rift, and Twist. They charged me all at once. Raven sending a flying kick to land in my face as Twist initiated a sweep and Rift went for xvideos.con the kidney shot from the side. 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The white blue fire desi xvideos exploded out and around my body. I released the pressure on their xvide necks xxvideo allowing them to breath. "You x video.com FREAK son of a bitch! Who the hell do you think you are!?" xvids roared Raven followed video x by many less than pleasant things from the others. I turned facing Raven staring into his piercing green eyes and xvideos 2 smiled. Drawing in more and more energy glowing so brightly that anyone looking now had to squint their eyes. "Khore, I think that is enough.. you promised" Bransen xvideos porn reminded me. I increased the energy another xvideos mom level now a pure icy xxvideos blue light that now shown so bright one could not discern what was at the center. "I promised I would not kill them..." I replied. I xvideoss pulled xvideo com and concentrated the energy into myself so that it was a small ball of rolling power no larger than a basket ball. "I do not appreciate the name calling. I can make you feel pleasure..." and I released xxvideos the ball of xvideos teen energy xvideo.com letting it explode outward enhancing the nerves and giving all who it touched one of the most intense orgasms of their lives. There would not be a dry pair of shorts in the room. It rippled like the xvieos waves created from a pebble thrown into calm water, but with extreme speed. There www.xvideos com were moans and gasps to be heard for the next 5 minutes. When everyone seemed to come back down from their orgasm I was still staring at Raven who www xvideos com was now sweating and panting looking somewhat pleased with the recent developments. "Or... I can cause you pain. Personally, " I paused, "I'm not into pain..." and I flicked out my hands sending xvideos gay the 5 of them flying across the training area into the padded walls behind them with a staccato of thuds and lowered my arms letting my eyes return to normal. Looking over at Bransen in his somewhat recovered revelry, "I promised not to xvids kill anyone with sex. See... Everyone lived" I chuckled to myself. "Bransen, report to the infirmary immediately. Bring Khore with you." the intercom had belched. It was Doc and he sounded as though he was xvideos .com 'trying' to sound angry, but was failing. Twists eyes lit xvideo gay up and he laughed "Well that has got to xvideos com be a record. What's it been, 25 minutes out of your room before you got into trouble?" to which we all laughed. xvidos "Seriously... uhh... when you get a free moment I'd love a repeat of that thing before you tossed us across the room." Twist said blushing. We all laughed again. Bransen elbowed me and said. telugu xvideos "Let's go see www.xvideos.com the Doc. I think your little 'trick' went a bit further than this room." --- Per suggestions from others, and a bit of work, I have re-written the entire story. Much of hd xvideos it is the same and the changes were xvidios cosmetic. I have also added some more xvideos hd depth to beginning characters and added a few other things. The x.videos chapters are for the most part longer and I have corrected some continuity problems. I know that I have much to learn as a writer, and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism regarding this story. Please contact me at gaywriter72yahoo with suggestions and criticisms. Thanks! Date: Mon, xvideos gay 31 Jul 2006 19:01:21 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Love and Greed Chapter 3 The following is a complete xvideos xvideos work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is www.xvideos.com completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave xvideos jp now. *** This is a completely revised version of the original story... If you are lost or confused please read it telugu xvideos from the beginning in its entirety. Chapter 3 The Dawn We walked back over to the far end of x-videos the room xvideos indian toward the lift feeling eyes pressed against us. Finally to the lift, Bransen hit the call button and I turned partially xvidos to see who all was staring. xvideos porn It was like mass whiplash. I had never seen so hd xvideos many heads snap away from my direction in my entire life, and that has been a LONG time. Sure there were times when a bit of gas might escape during someone's union ceremony with a thundering rumble, but that was when I was only about eight hundred years old, and even then that caused everyone free xvideos to glare AT me. Seeing them shy their eyes away from me was something quite new. There was a little sadistic satisfaction in it for me though. The feeling you xvideos brasil get when you think to yourself "Yeah... fear xvideos .com me!", and then have to slap yourself because there is 'ALWAYS' someone else out there bigger and meaner xvide than you. I had NEVER had anyone truly fear physical harm from me. It was like I had www xvideos com a sign posted on my chest that said, "DON'T indian xvideos TOUCH" and you know someone's first reaction is going to be telugu xvideos ... "poke". The doors opened and Bransen and I entered the lift turning to indian xvideos face the exit as we situated ourselves into its cramped space. He pressed www xvideos the '20' button, and we began to descend further www.xvideos into the complex and back to where I had been about forty minutes earlier. We x video.com were heading back to the infirmary swifter than I really cared to. I'd kind of had my fill of people testing me. There was too much shit to do, and xvideos gay I didn't really have time for this, but I'm sure it would be wiser to hear what he has x videos to say or scream about. The lift tamil xvideos stopped its descent and the doors opened. We exited and upon first gay xvideos glance at a staff member I could see that Bransen had been right. The nurse had a bit of a stain still on the front of his scrub pants which he was delicately trying to hide while searching for a xvideos jp x videos.com replacement pair. By the shine of his skin and the smell in the xvideos indonesia air... xvideo there had been sex, and xvedio lots porno xvideos of it. xvideos.com I was SOOOOO in trouble I thought as I tried to strangle a giggle from bursting xvideos gays from my chest. If I started laughing now I wouldn't be able to stop, and while I'm sure free xvideos it was good sex... I wager it wasn't exactly timely. Looking around at the rest of the staff, it was obvious video x that everyone on the floor had been affected and surely all those between the floor we were on and this one. All those between level ten and twenty had juiced their shorts. x videos.com It was then I realized something wasn't quite right but I didn't have time to think about it because the doors we had been wandering toward were now right in front of us and now opening. Doc sat behind his desk with that same sheen of wet on his skin as I had seen on the others. "Come in." he said quite flatly his breath catching somewhat xvidos.com as he looked in my direction. We stepped into the office and the xvideos teen door shut behind us. Yep... the smell of sex was in the x videos air and I was curious about exactly what kind of mess Doc had made in his shorts. "Have a seat www.xvideo please." xvieos He said regaining xvideos free his full composure. He was building up to admonish my ill thought behavior. Well... I didn't have mom xvideos time for it. Bransen had seated himself while I remained standing. "Excuse me Doc, but I have much to do." I said raising my hand as signal for him xvideos indonesia to please let me continue. "I see my energy blast reached much further than I had intended. It was a mistake I will endeavor xvideos in not to repeat. There are some anomalies that Kelay had not anticipated in our merging and my creation. I will be more cautious in the future." I stated matter-of- factly. "So, did the energy wave radiate upward as well x-videos as downward when I release it and how far in each direction were the affects felt?" I asked clinically. "Please have a seat." Doc asked again, the wind now somewhat knocked from his sails which seemed to give Bransen a good deal of amusement as his lips seemed to be tersely fighting a full fledge smile and he avoided eye contact. I sat down and took a deep breath... I was a little tired after the release of the blast of mental energy, and I really could use one good nights rest before everything spun out of control again. The Doc leaned forward resting is forearm against his desk looking directly at me and occasionally darting his eyes in Bransen's direction. "The 'wave' of energy you released was felt on our xvideoss lowest level, but fortunately...", he emphasized, "None above level 10 were affected." Doc continued, "I do not need to xvideos jp tell you that you would have compromised the entire facility and everyone in it had the wave gone through the upper levels. The entire populace..." "You're right,", I interrupted, "you don't need to tell me." Which seemed porno xvideos to ignite a small wwwxvideos spark of anger in the Doc. The room became uncomfortably quiet; I leaned forward now only inches from Doc's face looking deep into his tired slate blue eyes and asked seductively with a mischievous grin on my face, "So... was it good for you?" Doc was completely caught off japanese xvideos guard, and Bransen erupted into laughter flipping wwwxvideos over backwards rolling out of his chair and xxx videos onto the floor. Doc and I couldn't help but to join the laughter. Bransen's laughter was infectious x video with xx videos its golden tones and after all... luckily, no xvideos japan harm had been done. A few moments japanese xvideos later Bransen got himself back up in the chair panting from the lack of breath a heart felt laugh can bring and wiped the tears from his xvideoscom eyes. We all regained our composure and smiled at each other while a small snicker still escaped from Bransen in uncontrollable bursts. "Well Khore," Bransen said looking in my direction, "I guess you shot the hell out of 'Not' freaking out everyone japanese xvideos on your first day out in the big city." "Yes." I replied, "That is definitely regrettable, and something we need to deal with, but there is something else we need to attend to first." I paused, "With the clothing that I wore when you first brought me here, there was a device that we need to install in the structural integrity field generator on level 51. I call it Molecular Fusion Mirror or MFM for short. By specifying the area of affect and incorporating it into your structural integrity generator, it will completely cloak the complex xvidios from even the most thorough scans the Thorens possess. Basically, it folds and mirrors the external xvieos environment to the surface of wwwxvideos.com its opposite side. Meaning, if the complex were above ground, and I stood on one side of xvideos download the complex and you stood directly on the other side of the complex, even though we would be in reality very far apart, it would 'appear' as though we were standing right beside each other. www xvideos It xvideos hentai does more xvideos teen xvideos hentai than xvedios just visually deter detection however, with level two cloaking activated, it replicates the resonance field of what any given element should be as well with random variations to avoid any pattern detection. So beneath the ground, if you could 'see', you would see rock and dirt, and any scan would only xvideos gays detect dirt xxx videos and rock as well." The Doc's wheels had begun turning and he wwwxvideos.com became completely silent turning to face Bransen. "Would you care to explain exactly how Khore knows the layout and location of xvideos video key systems in this complex?" He said with a bit of agitation in his voice. "I'm sorry to interrupt again, but can you explain this xvideos indo to the Doc, while I get to work please? video x Where are the clothes I was wearing when you brought me here?" I asked Bransen. The Doc looked questioningly at Bransen and he nodded in xvedio reply. "The nurse at xvideos. com the monitoring station has your personal belongings and someone had BETTER fill me in on what's going on here" Doc muttered. "Thanks Doc." I said with a smile, "For everything." I turned and exited the office and made my way to the monitoring station and collected my things. "Oh... uhh... could you hang onto the rest of my things here until I'm assigned quarters please. I only need this at the moment." I wwwxvideos questioned placing the MFM in my front pocket. "That should be no problem." the xvideos anal blond nurse said with a xvidio grin. With a quick thank you I was in the lift and on my x.videos way down to level 51. Level 51 of the complex was the absolute basement of the facility. The generators, oxygen filtration, and water purification as well as all other essential www.xvideos key systems xvideos in were based in this level of shadows and twisted metal. Filth www.xvideo.com lie everywhere as though it xxvideo had been here for more layers of dust than what could be remembered or written. I made my way to the access panel that housed the xvideos SIG and removed it beginning my arduous integration of components of less than compatible technology. I had been busy at work for about two hours when I sensed someone sneaking their way up behind me. "Stop." I said and commanded his muscles to freeze. xvedio Standing xvidio and turning away from my work wwwxvideos.com in the access panel I looked at my, would be, assailant. Seeing his filthy grey uniform I noticed he was a maintenance man. Terror filled his eyes and he was screaming as much on the inside of his mind as his silent eyes videos x could reflect. "Relax, I am not going to harm you or anyone in this complex. I am performing an enhancement to your system here on Bransen's authority. I www xvideos.com am going to release you to move so that you may use